Transient Voltage Surge Suppression

Are your investments protected?

Voltage surges can occur at any time and they only last for millionths of a second. These seemingly small events can send 20,000 volts of electricity through your entire system, destroying your most expensive equipment. One study shows that voltage surges can occur 500 times per year (more than once a day). The more technology and machinery that your company has in operation increases the number of voltage surges. This can become a big threat toward the success to your business.

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 Client Case Study

The lights flicker as a loud crack is heard overhead. The lights go out and the backup generator roars to life, but the overhead lighting does not turn back on. Luckily this is not the experience of our friends at Neenah Foundry. They planned ahead and installed TVSS to protect their lighting investment.


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  • The most common cause of power surges is the operation of high-power electrical devices.
  • One deployment of a TVSS brought 80% annual savings in equipment repair costs while maintaining smooth operations.

Source: How Surge Protectors Work, How Stuff Works, 2011.