You have unique problems. We have unique solutions.

The Wasmer Company will complete a comprehensive energy audit of your facility to decide what your unique problems are. A custom solution will be built from the offerings below and presented to you in a no-nonsense, clear cut action plan.

Strategic Energy Management

Strategy. Every successful endeavor needs one. Corporate sustainability is no exception. In order to change to more sustainable practices, facilities first need to know where they are not being energy efficient. Take Control of your facility.

LED Lighting & Controls

While it may be one of the easiest ways to reduce energy, lighting projects entail strategic planning and an in-depth understanding of your facility’s needs. Upgrading to more efficient lighting gains you much more than a brighter work area; it has great benefits to the health of your employees and their productivity level! What You Need To Know.

Compressed Air Management

It is estimated that only 20 to 25% of input electrical energy is delivered as useful compressed air. Leaks and misapplication accounts for the loss in usable compressed air, but you can get that air back. The Wasmer Company can help. Find out how.

Air Quality

Air quality in your building is critical for employee health and happiness. By installing equipment to better circulate and improve your air, you can also gain energy savings through better controlling your indoor temperature. Breathe Easier.