Smart Lighting

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

The Smart lighting System focuses on every aspect of lighting from daylight to reflectance of the surfaces. They are designed to increase employee morale and productivity impacting your bottom line today. Smart lighting system will also improve assessed value of buildings and marketability of leased space, increasing the value of your investment today and in the future.

  • Lighting consumes up to 35% of all the electricity used in a commercial building.
  • Motion sensors help optimize savings when it comes to lighting.
  • Installation of motion sensors requires you and the right layout, as well as the right number of motion sensors per area.

Inaccuracy can lead to safety issues, as well as, potential waste.

Source: Lighting, Energy Star, 2012.

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Benefits of Daylighting

Research indicates a direct link between exposure to daylight in the work place and increased productivity, improved quality of life, and decreased health and safety risk.

Beyond health benefits, utilizing daylight is one way to decrease energy consumption and cost within your facility.


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