Wagner Oil Case Study

Client Challenge

With growing locations across the state of Wisconsin, Wagner Oil Company knew it was time to take charge of their energy savings. They also knew that in today’s market, it’s imperative to increase visibility during those long nighttime hours. Creating a safe and approachable environment for their valued customers was a necessity.

Maintenance expenses were also top of mind for Wagner Oil Company. They needed to see a major reduction to maintain their existing lighting system.



A complete audit of their sites revealed out-of-date lighting technology and several opportunities to increase energy savings. The Wasmer Company’s team of Energy Consultants, Engineers, and Designers collaborated to find the solution that would best meet their needs and surpass savings expectations.

By upgrading to both interior and exterior LED lighting technology and installing refrigeration controls, their sites will be saving 2,218,485 kWh annually. The stores increased visibility is driving up sales and making customers feel safe and secure while filling up at the pump.


Client Testimonial

” I have known of The Wasmer Company for a considerable period of time and I can assure you about the quality and success of the company’s sustainability¬†projects. Tim Wasmer and his team are able to take you from uncovering sustainability needs in your facility, to installation of solutions, and they provide post-project support through their Client Care and Marketing Departments.”

John Wagner, Owner, Wagner Oil Company

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