Thermatru Doors Case Study

Client Challenge

Thermatru Doors has two facilities that were experiencing almost identical problems. Their Butler, IN and Edgerton, OH plants were challenged with technology that was at the end of its life cycle. This resulted in lower than desired light levels and high levels of energy consumption.

The Wasmer Company completed a full energy audit to identify Thermatru’s pain points. Motion sensing data loggers and products to demonstrate the proposed technologies were installed to ensure the proper solution was found.



Thermatru was able to retrofit their fluorescent fixtures to TLED fixtures and installed controls on the new technology. The LEDs allowed them to reach the desired light levels while reducing their energy consumption. The control system allowed them to control what lights were on and when, allowing them to change their needs based on demand or plant events. The Wasmer solution also allowed for dimming in unoccupied areas, where the old technology was either all on or all off.


Client Testimonial

“The Wasmer Company identified significant opportunities and projects to reduce overall energy consumption throughout our Butler and Edgerton operations. They completed a full energy audit, took the time to educate us on the importance of data logging, and designed the best and most cost-effective solution. They tested various products in our facility to be able to provide the quality of light we were looking for. This ultimately allowed us to implement the solution in the most efficient and successful way possible. We appreciated the time spent on-site by The Wasmer Company and we look forward to working with them in our other locations.”

– Rick Goodman, Director of Environmental Health & Safety


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