Southeastern Container Case Study

Client Challenge

Southeastern Container Inc. is a bottle supplier to Coca-Cola bottling plants and other food and consumer product companies. Southeastern Container is “Driven by Customer Success” and has a strong passion for providing exceptional service and product quality. They have built their reputation around five values: Commitment, Sustainability, Teamwork, Accountability, and Trust.

After a thorough review of Southeastern Container’s King Mountain facility and an extensive interview process with employees, The Wasmer Company was able to identify the challenges that stood int eh way to achieving maximum energy savings.

Southeastern Container’s air compressor supply was not separated from the demand forcing the air compressor to have phantom starts and excess wear and tear on equipment. This challenge was also increasing their kW demand in their facility, causing their electric bill to skyrocket.



Southeastern Container’s customized solution was a three dimensional approach combining employee engagement, technical training, and the installation of dynamic flow controllers.

Employees were asked to attach “air leak tags” when discovering a leak to receive a reward from the company. This not only dramatically reduced leaks by increasing awareness companywide, but created excitement through all employees becoming part of the solution to achieving a more energy-efficient environment.

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