Neenah Foundry Case Study

The lights flicker as a loud crack is heard overhead. The lights go out and the backup generator roars to life, but the overhead lighting does not come back on. Have you ever found yourself in this scenario, or hoping that you never do? In this situation, the light fixtures themselves had been damaged due to the sudden spike of energy running through them. The solution would require every fixture to be repaired or replaced.

Real-Life Client Situation

Neenah Foundry experienced a similar situation, but luckily they had planned ahead. By installing a TVSS system when they did their lighting upgrade, they saved themselves from costly downtime and maintenance to replace damaged fixtures. Instead, it was as simple as changing out the expired TVSS unit.

Client Testimonial

The thorough investigation of our power and the technology proposed by The Wasmer Company led to the installation of TVSS with each phase of our project. These technologies have led to a dramatic reduction in quarterly maintenance costs related to lighting, as well as one instance where an expense of tens-of-thousands of dollars in equipment repairs due to a bad power surge was prevented. We trust The Wasmer Company’s understanding of our operations and trust that their solutions will work in our facilities.”

Mike Nenahlo, Plant 3 Electrical Superintendent, Neenah Foundry

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