Metalsa Case Study

Client Challenge

Metalsa Structural Products, Inc. is a motor vehicle parts manufacturing in Owensboro, KY. The facility had an initiative to identify and eliminate waste in their facility. They started int eh right place with their utility bills, but found that separating expenses between production costs and overhead costs was not a simple task with their current system. They wanted to better understand their costs so that it was easier to identify waste.



The Wasmer Company was brought in to help design and implement a cost segregation program by production line in their facility. The future capabilities of this program will collect and relay data back to operators so that they can make adjustments as necessary. The program will create a commodity cost breakdown per widget created, allowing Metalsa to run a leaner operation at their Owensboro facility.

The energy dashboard created by The Wasmer Company and the software collecting the data is capable of scaling for future project objectives. It shows a realtime view of data via the web, VNC, and panel view.


Project’s Biggest “Aha!” Moment

Within the first 24 hours, through the help of power monitoring, Metalsa was able to see that one of their air compressors did not have a shut off timer set up. This would allow the air compressor to run all day, fully loaded, regardless of facility demand; wasting a considerable amount of energy and money.

Client Testimonial

“I have been working on bringing this initiative to fruition for three years. By blending it with another lean process improvement, we were able to get it done. A big thanks to Darrin!”

Matt Jones, Electrical Project Coordinator, Metalsa


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