E.C. Styberg Engineering – Racine, WI

Located in Racine, WI, E.C. Styberg Engineering is an engineering company that as been manufacturing metal parts, assemblies, and prototypes for a wide range of original parts manufacturers since 1927.


E.C. Styberg Engineering’s goal was to increase their energy efficiency and productivity on their production floor. This increase in productivity would make the business more profitable so it could continue to thrive in the industry’s competitive marketplace, and allow them to continue to seek top talent as the business grows.


By updating their existing lighting to LED, E.C. Styberg Engineering was able to maintain or increase their light levels on their production floor. This upgrade made them more energy efficiency but also eliminated the health risks associated with long-term fluorescent exposure to their employees.

To improve their entire building footprint, E.C. Styberg Engineering also upgraded their exterior lighting to LED solutions. All of the product installed was protected by transient voltage surge suppressors and backed by The Wasmer Company’s Performance Guarantee.

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