Buechel Stone Corporation

Client Challenge

Buechel Stone Corporation in Chilton, WI noticed that while their light levels seemed poor, they were frequently changing fluorescent lamps and saw that their utility expense was a significant line item on their balance sheet. At times, Buechel Stone’s demand was so great on their local utility company that the production floor experienced poor power quality and brown outs. All of this took a toll on their employees’ productivity and teh quality control of their product.



Buechel Stone Corporation invited Master’s program students from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee to research and review possible options. Based on the¬†research, Buechel Stone decided to upgrade their plant and office lighting to LED technology by partnering with The Wasmer Company. Since completion of their project, Buechel Stone has noticed an improvement in employee job performance, an increase in product quality, and a decrease in utility expense.


Client Testimonial

“The utility bill is $4,000 to $5,000 lower each month on average since the implementation. The work areas are much brighter and it has made a difference in the employees’ job performance. The LED lights have enhanced the color of the product we work with, making the job of the employees much easier.”

– Jason Zehringer, Site Manager

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