Beer Capitol

Client Challenge

Beer Capitol Distributing in Sussex, WI was looking for a reliable and energy efficient alternative to their existing fluorescent lighting. With employee safety as a top priority, they needed to be sure the solution would not only help the company’s bottom line, but also provide exceptional quality of light on the warehouse floor.

Beer Capitol Distributing, founding in 1993, has grown to include four generations of family ownership in the beverage business and services for more than 1,800 clients.


Beer Capitol Distributing partnered with The Wasmer Company to design a lighting layout that would meet and exceed their facility goals. By installing TLEDs in place of the existing fluorescent technology, the company has experienced an increase in light levels and an 86% decrease in energy spend from lighting. Each TLED fixture in Beer Capitol Distributing’s facility was installed with an in-series Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor; protecting their investment from fluctuations in power quality and energy spikes.

Project Fast Facts

Annual kWh Savings 543,697 kWh

Annual Carbon Dioxide Reduction 421 Tons

Equivalent Number of Trees Planted Annually 362 Acres

Annual Water Savings 13,592,425 Gallons

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