Power Monitoring

Questions on your facility’s efficiency?

Power monitoring is the answer!

Power monitoring is one of the fastest ways to realize cost savings of all of the measures recommended in your energy audit.

When conducted by a certified professional, power monitoring, will answer questions related to the efficiency of your facility. It will give you a measure of the exact energy consumption of production – drilling down to uncover which pieces of equipment are consuming how much energy, when, and how well.




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Questions Answered by Power Monitoring

  • How much does each area of your facility costs you when running at full speed?
  • Where are potential savings and which are the greatest?
  • Which machines are Kwh ($$$) guzzlers?
  • Are any of the machines actually saving money?
  •  Is there a way to maximize off-peak savings?
  • How do you know which machines need maintenance and are wasting energy because of it?

In many states a machine used in manufacturing can be exempt from sales tax based on the energy efficiency of that machine.

Power Monitoring is the best way to prove how much energy your manufacturing equipment is using to receive tax exemptions.


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