Energy Audits

Do you want “a” solution, or the best solution?

Unfortunately, many companies are in the business of just making the sale. The Wasmer Company certified Energy Efficiency Consultants are not, they are highly trained to assess your needs and focused and creating the best energy solution that fits your specific needs.

What does the right system mean to you? How about a 30% + savings in your energy bill? Every year, the United States spends about $200 billion to power commercial buildings. Yet, more than 30 percent of that energy could be saved with more efficient technologies and better building maintenance.

Energy audits are recommended as “best practice” by multiple experts, including:

     MIT Sloan

     Energy Efficiency Policy of the U.S.

     National Association of Manufacturers

Sources: Energy Efficiency Policy in the United States: MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group, 2013; National Association of Manufacturers

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What to Expect

The Wasmer Company will send a professional energy auditor to your facility to do a detailed walk through analysis observing the electrical system, compressed air, and possibilities for Power Monitoring to receive tax breaks, and incentives. While observing the lighting, our professional will educate you on the possibilities for more energy efficient lights, and what type of lighting would be appropriate for the situation: fluorescent, LED or other. In this energy audit we will also inform you on the possibilities for lighting controls to optimize your savings.

Our professional auditor will also look at other electrical loads, and the possibilities for savings through running loads at off peak hours, or Power Monitoring production loads to receive tax breaks. We will also look at the compressed air system on our energy audit, and determine how to best optimize your compressed air system. Our energy auditor will then look at the utility bills for the facility to make sure there were no mistakes in the monthly calculations. We can also discuss peak shaving measures to reduce the peak demand. From that point, we are able to evaluate all the energy saving measures available, and determine how The Wasmer Company can best help you meet your needs, and run a more efficient facility.