Our R.E.A.C.H. Culture

R.E.A.C.H. Beyond Your Grasp

At The Wasmer Company, our number one priority is our employees. Our company and the services we offer are not run by computers and machines, it is operated by the people in our organization, each member being vital to our team and understanding that we need each other to be successful. We must respect one another, empower each other to achieve greatness, hold one another accountable, be creative in our decision making process, and be happy while having fun. Not only does our culture impact our organization but we have the opportunity and responsibility to spread that culture to all of the other companies that we work with, as we assist them in making a shift of focus to sustainability. Our clients trust that we are experts in our industry, offer outstanding customer service, and make ethical business decisions. We know that if we can provide the best possible environment to our employees, they in turn can offer the best education and solutions to our clients in order to make their businesses more profitable and more productive.


Amanda Lennartz, Vice President of The Wasmer Company

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  • "The Wasmer Company has three key results each year to work towards and the first is always 'Employee Success.' Tim has a lot of respect for the organization as a whole, but has even more respect to the team members that make the organization move. Heartfelt appreciation, pats on the back, and a sense of worth sure go a long way. Tim respects you as a person, and wants to see you achieve your goals. It is definitely an 'Improve me and I will improve the company' atmosphere."

    Amanda Schillingowski, Team Member since 2014

  • "I am a self-starter. Working here allows me to run and run to get the job done in, what I believe is, the best, most professional, and efficient way possible."

    Brad Yaggie, Team Member since 2010

  • "It is relieving to work with a group of people who are willing to step up to the plate; each and every one of them, each and every day. We hold each other accountable by trusting that everyone is working hard and fulfilling their responsibilities. That being said, it is amazing how we all have each other's back in the sense that if someone needs help, we all pitch in. It makes how hard I work worth it, knowing everyone else is working equally hard to make the company successful. It is truly an awesome environment to work in."

    Brianna Plamann, Team Member since 2015

  • "I feel everyone's unique input is considered on a daily basis and that makes for a constantly improving culture to work in."

    Mike Nicora, Team Member since 2015