Compressed Air Management

Compressed Air: You Absolutely Need It.

Which is why you absolutely need to make sure it is efficient. It is estimated that only 20 to 25% of input electrical energy is delivered as useful compressed air. Leaks and misapplication accounts for the loss in usable compressed air, but you can get that air back. The Wasmer Company can help.

The Certified Professional Auditor will evaluate if compressed air is the best tool for the job of if the function is better performed by a more efficient electric motor or pneumatic system. If compressed air is the best tool, significant savings can be achieved by installing automated system to turn compressed air systems off when not in use, reducing both leakage and cost.


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The Process

There are several components to the compressed air system. Your Certified Auditor will evaluate the efficiency of all components are running at their most efficient levels. These components include the electric motor, distribution system piping, valves fittings, and controls. A regular maintenance schedule of your compressed air systems will be recommended to improve the efficiency of your systems. Automatic controls will be recommended to turn compressors off when not in use, dramatically increasing your savings.

The U.S. government has implemented more laws requiring companies to improve their energy efficiency since 2005 than in its entire 237 year history.

Sources: Energy Efficiency Policy in the United States. E. Doris, J. Cochran, and M. Forum, 2009 EPA Budget in Brief, EPA, 2013.

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