Building Automation

What does it even mean!?

As seasons change or rain-filled days are replaced with sun, or one shift is replaced by another; does anyone notice the lights or the temperature in the building unless an extreme is reached demanding attention? The answer is likely a resounding, no. Our goal is working with you to develop an advanced, integrated control of building components aimed at dramatically reducing energy use and reducing operating and equipment costs. All of this while also providing a healthy, productive, and comfortable environment for building occupants.

building automation

The Process

When you are ready to take the guess work out of energy savings, The Wasmer Company will send one of our highly trained, certified Energy Consultants to conduct a comprehensive energy audit of your facility. In addition to developing the best solution for you, your consultant will help to educate your bout building automation options available to increase efficiency and reduce cost. They will advise you about proper sensors, effective controls, energy efficient lighting and reducing costs with efficient HVAC system options.

91% of manufacturing executives say that finding ways to reduce energy usages is critical to their success.

Source: Reed Business Insight, 2012.