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The Wasmer Company has expanded its Automation and Controls department with its new Rockwell Integration Partner status. This partnership with Rockwell Automation gives the company a direct line to Rockwell’s broad education/training base as well as insight into the next generation of automation software. TWC will be able to design, implement, and train clients on how custom automation and controls software can help them see and manage their energy consumption.

Heading up the Automation and Controls department is Darrin Eubanks. He comes from a background heavy in the design and implementation of custom automation and controls in the foundry and heavy manufacturing industries. Eubanks will work with clients to develop and implement custom Rockwell Automation dashboards. These detailed dashboards compliment The Wasmer Company’s systemic approach to client facilities, allowing their clients to make more sound business decisions based on data trends.

Eubanks stated, “99% of our [TWC’s] clients are using automation and controls software in their facility, but are not using it for energy related metrics and controls. Using controls software in this way will allow energy managers to see real-time data at all times, on all machines, across all systems. The decision making power this gives them is unprecedented.”

Rockwell Automation is the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, marked by their commitment to innovation and excellence. They strive to make its customers more productive and the world more sustainable; a business model that mirrors that of The Wasmer Company.

Legacy Product Migration

The Wasmer Company and Rockwell Automation understand that in order to stay competitive, you need to stay on the cutting edge of technology. But we also understand that controls and automation equipment is an investment, and one most companies are not willing to make a second time when their existing equipment ages. Rockwell’s solution? A migration program that works with you simply because you choose to use their products!

By working with Rockwell’s trusted partners like The Wasmer Company, you can exchange products that have an “End of Life” or “Discontinued” status for systems that are current through the StepForward program. This allows clients to take control of their migration timeline and complete it at a pace that makes sense for their process and budget.

As a Rockwell Automation Integration Partner, The Wasmer Company has the knowledge to take your equipment from yesterday’s news, to the latest and greatest in controls software. Don’t use a Rockwell brand? No problem! Our expert team can help you find the best upgrade or optimization solution.

For more information on where each Rockwell Automation product is in its lifecycle, download the information sheet below!

Download Lifecycle Guide
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