The Hidden Costs of Poor Lighting

June is professional wellness month, and in our last post we covered how corporate wellness plans can boost productivity and prevent those nasty sick day call-ins. There is something lurking overhead in your building that is negatively impacting the health and happiness of your workforce.

It has been found that prolonged exposure to artificial lighting is harmful to your health. In 2012, the Mirjam Muench study evaluated two groups of people; one working under fluorescent lighting and the other working in only natural daylight. The group in artificial light experienced more dramatic feelings of sleepiness and lack of focus than their day lit counter parts; confirming what scientists had been theorizing for years.

Artificial light disrupts our body’s natural circadian rhythms, leading us to feel drowsy and out of sync with the sun. Incorporating more natural daylight in the work environment is a simple solution and it increases productivity levels and creates happier employees.

Clearly daylight is not always available indoors, but you can still reduce health risk and increase productivity by changing out overhead lighting to a healthier and more energy efficient LED solution. LED lighting does not emit UV radiation, unlike popular fluorescent bulbs, making them a better solution for office environments. UV radiation causes premature aging and skin cancer, as well as eyestrain and headaches.

One thing is for sure; investing in the overall health of your employees will be one business decision you will never regret. Making small updates around your work environment will pay off when it comes to improving the overall wellness of your employees. Finding a trusted partner to help you accomplish your corporate wellness goal and strategy is imperative Reach out to us today for more information on how to take your company to the next level!

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