The Business Investment You Will Never Regret

From joining the local gym to spending just a little more on healthy foods at the grocery store, making an investment in your personal health pays off big in the long run. Investing in the health of your business, specifically in the health of your employees, is no different. Corporate wellness has gained popularity among business excutives recently, and for good reason. America’s most successful companies are seeing the benefits of a business model where the health of employees is kept top of mind. Focusing on corporate wellness could very well be the key strategy to taking your business to the next level.

The Rising Cost of Healthcare

The price of healthcare is consistently on the rise, causing annual costs for businesses to provide adequate healthcare coverage for employees to increase as well. However, they can recoup some of these costs in other areas. According to a report by the Rand Corporation, for every dollar business owners invest in corporate wellness, they can yield $3.80 in savings through an increase in productivity. Embracing a corporate wellness strategy uncovers solutions to combat the rising cost of healthcare. Making simple improvements to your work environment positively impacts your bottom line and improves the health of your employees.

Preventing Airborne Illness

Health related complaints that prompt employees to chronically call in sick could be associated with poor air quality. There are a variety of pollutants in commercial buildings (such as as bacteria, molds, and elevated carbon monoxide and dioxide levels) that mimic the symptoms of a cold or the flu. These symptoms can be tough to associate with the workplace environment, but definitely should not be overlooked.

Indoor air quality and comfort are critical components of a healthy and productive work environment. Both of these can be significantly improved through tuning up HVAC units or by installing solutions like air turnover units or ventilation turbines to provide natural ventilation and to extract excess heat and air impurities from your facility.


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