Within 15 years, experts project that commercial electricity prices will jump at least 33%.

Costs will be particularly high for companies that have failed to take advantage of energy efficiency solutions.

Energy Conservation Solutions

Energy conservation and management solutions

Energy Management Solutions

If you could cut your energy bill by 40% or more every month, what would it mean to you?

Solutions produce real results: 37% of companies are seeing profit derived solely from energy management solutions. In fact, 50% have completely changed their business models as a result of sustainability opportunities.

Energy Efficiency Consultants and Professional Engineers don’t just sell lights. Professionally trained and certified experts design integrated systems to meet the needs of your facility, whether it is a warehouse, manufacturing area, inspection area, office area or any other indoor or outdoor need.


Energy Efficient Light

Energy Efficient Lighting

Poor lighting can increase your insurance, workers comp. and employee retention costs. And that is on top of the increased direct costs of wasted energy.

Smart lighting systems are designed to increase employee morale and productivity, impacting your bottom line today. They also improve assessed value of buildings and marketability of leased space, increasing the value of your investment today and in the future.

High efficiency lighting means higher profits with research showing 16% higher labor productivity levels. Employees were also found to work 6-12% faster and perform up to 25% better.


The wasmer advantage

The Wasmer Advantage

Do you want “a” solution? Or do you want the best solution for you?

We know that education is the key to your future growth, so we focus on teaching you how to take advantage and maximize your energy savings. Our emphasis is not on “selling” you. The mission of everyone on the Wasmer Team is to help you maximize your success, while making a positive impact on our mutual employees, our communities and the planet.

We empower you to achieve greater profitability by saving time and money through energy efficient sustainability practices. When you win, we all win!


If you’d like to learn more about how to increase your business's energy savings, drop us a message or call 877-413-6379. We would love to hear from you and become your full service energy efficiency partner.