Compressed Air Management

Compressed air systems are often the largest demand-use of electricity in a manufacturing plant, and can be a significant source of wasted energy. Significant savings can be achieved by installing automated systems to turn compressed air systems off when not in use, reducing both leakage and cost.

Building Automation

Using highly efficient energy controls, your building becomes both “smart” and efficient. As the environment changes, automated building controls remove the guess work and human error that previously make energy savings a haphazard and inefficient solution.

Power Monitoring

When conducted by a certified professional, power monitoring, will measure the exact energy consumption of production vs. building – drilling down to uncover which pieces of equipment are consuming how much energy, when, and how well.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Studies reveal there is a significant cost savings difference between low, medium and high quality lighting. And while any lighting upgrade may save you money in the short term, a properly designed system with automation controls mean long-term savings to your bottom line.

Energy Audit

Having an energy audit performed by certified Energy Efficiency Consultants and Professional Engineers ensures that you receive the energy saving that best fits your needs. Energy efficiency systems are not “one size fits all.”

Smart Lighting

The Smart Lighting System focuses on every aspect of lighting from access to daylight, to reflectance of surfaces in the environment. The are designed to increase employee morale and productivity, which have an impact on your bottom line.

The Wasmer Power Plan

We work alongside you in your organization before recommending an energy efficient solution. Then, we install the best technology for your environment to maximize savings and increase revenue. Finally, we train and engage your employees to make energy efficient practices part of the company culture.

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